More information on John Petersen

I happened to have drove by his old house which is on 57 Moneta Way in San Fransisco. Very beautiful place.


Happy Birthday John Petersen! 1944-2007

Happy birthday to John Petersen! He was born today on January 8th, in Rudyard Michigan 75 years ago. He was the drummer for the bands the beau brummels and Harpers Bizarre. He died from a sudden heart attack in 2007. your fans and family love and miss you, John!


happy birthday Pete Quaife! 1943-2010

Happy Birthday Pete Quaife! He was born on December 31st, 1943 and died on June 23rd, 2010 due to kidney failure. He was in a coma for many days until he died. He is missed by many and will be remembered for years to come!

There is a foundation founded by his brother to help children with kidney dialysis. You can find the website Here.

(Note: The website is currently under construction at the time I wrote this)

Also, happy new year everybody.